With Special Guest Speakers:

Chris Hadfield
Astronaut & First Canadian Commander of the International Space Station
Gretchen Bakke
Author of The Grid & Assistant Professor of Anthropology at McGill University
Tony Seba
Author "Clean Disruption", Co-Founder RethinkX
Attendees joined us on April 9th for a conversation about the Future of Power, the trends and technologies shaping the future, and the impact to manufacturers and utilities to help move Canada towards a more sustainable future.
The event was being held at Evergreen Brick Works, a location dedicated to sustainable practices to create flourishing cities of the future. Sign up for updates to continue to be part of the Future of Power.

How can this impact your business?

  Lower energy costs
  More sustainable options
  More reliable and resilient power
The Future of Power — fueled by Spark Power — is not about replacing the grid but rather finding alternatives to work with the existing grid to better meet customers’ needs.